Book Summary: The Vietnam War

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A former soldier with PTSD alienates her family, as she fights her own psychological war and becomes more and more paranoid that someone is after her. BRIEF SYNOPSIS: JESSICA HARRIS (30’s) is home from a tour in Iraq. She tries to live a normal life with her husband, HENRY, and her young son, MARCUS (5 or 6). However, Jessica suffers from PTSD and mysterious “fits.” Her doctor has put her on medication and has recommended that she be hospitalized. She’s afraid to leave the house, even to go to the bank. She feels like people are staring at her. When there’s a tragic robbery at the bank, Jessica notices a dark car pulling away. People covered in blood are screaming. Someone grabs Jessica, as she struggles to get away. Later at home, a paramedic tells Henry she’s in shock. They watch the news on the TV and there’s a…show more content…
Armed with guns, they search the mill. They see teenagers, but no one else. They spot the white car in the neighborhood and watch it. They think the people in the car are watching and testing them. Jessica falls asleep and wakes up to a noise. Mark is gone and so is her gun. She sees the White car and follows it to a tunnel, where she spots the dark, black Honda. Men chase her back to her home, yelling they are going to get her. She finds Mark back at the house. Mark doesn’t see anyone following her. Suddenly, Jessica becomes paranoid that Mark gave her name up. She thinks it was Mark, who killed everyone, but he continues to deny it. He warns her that the men are still out there. Mark, armed with a gun, watches the white car. Inside the house, an intruder tries to climb into the window. Jessica stabs the man in the skull. He falls into the flowerbed lifeless. Jessica runs outside. She sees the man in the White car; it’s Henry. He’s come back for her, but suddenly a gunshot rings out, shooting Henry in the face. Mark is the shooter. He aims the gun at Jessica, but then
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