Book Summary: The Vigils By Archie Costello

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At first, Archie Costello is just a young adult who is part of a secret society. He seems to care for other kids, but that changes quickly. You learn throughout the book that Archie is crazy and will do anything to destroy you through mind games. Archie Costello is a young adult who is a part of the group "The Vigils". Archie is given the role of assigning members, or soon to be members to certain assignments. Throughout the book Archie pretends to care about students in the school. He has a completely other side to him that nobody, besides other Vigils members, knows about. This other side of Archie is that of psychological warfare. Archie uses mind games to break down his targets. His biggest target throughout the book is Jerry Renault. Jerry is a skinny freshman who is trying out for the football team. Archie chooses Jerry for an assignment despite the fact that his mother has recently died. This shows that Archie has no remorse for anyone what so ever. Before Jerry is given his assignment, Archie assigns someone else to a different assignment. This assignment to loosen all of the screws in a classroom. The student does the assignment and the next day, all hell breaks loose. Archie sits outside of the room and watches as the teacher has a mental breakdown. Archie feeds off of that. That breakdown causes the teacher to have to…show more content…
Archie assigns Jerry to not sell the chocolates in which the school does every year. This is where Archie's mind games begin. This assignment confuses every student in the school. It was completely out of the normal to refuse the selling of the chocolates. Jerry gets harassed by other students and Archie didn't even have to touch him. Archie loves this idea of not have to touch someone, but still inflicting pain. After Jerry's assignment is over, Jerry continues to refuse the chocolates. This is where Jerry goes wrong. Archie takes this action as in act against the vigils and is not
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