Book Thief By Elie Wiesel: Character Analysis

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There were several characters that became part of Elie’s journey in the book; Shlomo, Moishe the Beadle, Idek, Dr. Josef Mengele, and so on. Shlomo, his father, is present throughout most of the book. He is highly respected by the Jewish community of Sighet, especially by his son. Alongside Elie, they try to remain together throughout their time at the concentration camp. Elie gains a will to survive for his father, for example on pages 75-76, when his father does not pass the selection he states “How good would it be to die right here!” This example shows how he is almost the center of Elie’s survival. Elie’s relationship with his father reminds him of essential feelings of love, duty, and commitment. Also reminding him of his own humanity,
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