Book Thief Monologue

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By: Amy Stendrup

As I ran through the scrub and forest, seeing all the smoke and hearing the engine sputter over and over only made me need to get to him faster. I had to save him; I had to do it for Liesel.

There was no true reason in my mind, but I had to know whether or not he’d survived. Mother had warned me not to run, not to save him, for fear of the ridicule I would bring onto our family for keeping an enemy pilot alive rather than allowing him to fade away. It’d never made sense to me why all of them were so infatuated with death. Why were they all so enthusiastic to bring it to others? Why did they rejoice when an ‘enemy’ was met with it? Why were they wanting it for themselves? Even my own mother would rather him die than have her son save a life; I simply couldn’t comprehend it. As soon I managed to wriggle my arm free from her grasp I was off again bolting towards the site of the crash. I wasn’t thinking of how I was to save him, I just knew I had to try my absolute best.

“Rudy, wait!” She was calling to me from quite a distance behind.

Only after I began tearing through the trees did I realise that this might perhaps be how I could get my kiss from Liesel. I mean, how could she possibly refuse? I could hear the plane coughing from what still seemed to be miles away. Each step I took was almost as heavy as
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Liesel 's eyes glazed over with a layer of fear and dread as she knelt down next to me knowingly placing a calming hand on my shoulder. As for the pilot, he was barely conscious but still just responsive; his brown eyes almost matched his uniform of coffee, however, ruffled it may have been. I knew full well it was too late. There was no way I could save him now. There was no way I was getting that kiss, not today. All there was I could possibly do was to make his last few moments as beautiful and as peaceful as
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