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By colin anders and ethan Koss

"During that time, germans just liked burning things"
This quote is from the book, The Book Thief, by Marcus Zusak. It is a good book that stars; book stealing children, fire addicted nazis, jewish fist fighters, and death itself. And to top it off, it is based in the holocaust.

In the book thief, Liesel meminger is riding on a train to her adoption parents with her mother and brother, when her brother dies of unknown causes. While at a small makeshift funeral, Liesel takes the gravediggers handbook, and keeps it. She is adopted by Hans and rosa hubermann, Hans is a nice man but his wife rosa is angry personality, but is good hearted and nice on the inside. In a while she meets her neighbor and soon to be best friend, and lover. Liesel also developed a relationship with the mayors wife, which had its ups and downs, and is also were most of Liesels reading and book thievery was based. Time flies and minor things happen, until one of hans wartime friends shows up at their door. He also happens to be jewish. Liesel and max (the jewish refugee) soon become friends. Time goes on and the jewish parades going to concentration camps come around. At one of them, hans gives an old man
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In nazi Germany it was probably pretty hard to keep your identity straight. For example, if you were a jew it would be enormously hard to keep your identity. It would be because you could not be seen practicing your religion, and if your where you were sent off to your death at a camp. Even if you where a non-jew, you still could not support jews or have anything to do with them. For Example, Ilsa Hermann, the mayors wife, had a major identity change when she met leisel. Before her life was focused on grieving for her dead son. After, she was focused on liesel, and she started doing more bold things, such as leaving books for leisel, etc. those are a couple of reasons why the theme is
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