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However, another important lesson is on display, the value and significance of speaking truth to power and authority is shown through courageous and humane actions as well. These actions can influence others to stand up for what is right and can impact society as a whole. This is displayed in The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. In the novel, the foster father of Liesel Meminger, Hans Hubermann, exhibits courage and humanity. As the actions he displays clearly disagrees with Hitler's point of view. Despite the risks, he decides to do the right thing and help a Jew publically. On one occasion, he performs an action that is described by the narrator as ‘magic’. The narrator explains how Hans “reached into his paint cart and pulled something out.…show more content…
In Germany, during the 1940’s, most people stood by as these events happened. Their behaviour is not unique to Germany and has been repeated throughout history. As the bystanders displacement of human weakness contributes to the genocide itself. More recently this type of behaviour was demonstrated in Rwanda. The film Hotel Rwanda articulates the significant impact that speaking truth to authority can have. Paul Rusesabagina, a wealthy hotel manager, attempts to save as many Tutsi civilian lives as he can. As the genocide worsened, Paul went to a Hutu General for help. The General offered Paul the chance to come with him to the new Hutu headquarters, where it was safe, because he had a good relationship with Paul. However, he refused. He explained to the general that in times of atrocity, humans must help one another and must rise above inhumanity. However, the general still insisted for Paul to come with him. He took a massive risk and he warned the General that he would be blamed for the massacre and Genocide, and persuaded him to help protect the Tutsis that were hiding out in Paul’s Hotel (George/Ho). The scene articulates how Paul influenced the General to use his power for

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