Book Title: Percy Jackson And The Last Olympian

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Book Title: "Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian"
Author: Rick Riordan, born in San Antonio, Texas, on July 5 1964. Education from Alamo Heights in San Antonio, worked as an editor of the school newspaper and won in third place of UIL Feature writing. He then began college at the North Texas State but then got transferred to University of Texas at Austin and graduated with double majors in English and history, as well as got a certificate to English and History from UT San Antonio. He did student teaching in the San Antonio, Childhood influence. The first book Rick Riordan read for fun when he was young, was The Lord of the Rings; and the book was so lively, that he read it ten more times. He has been keen on Greek and Norse Mythology since he was in middle school, and read mostly fantasy and science fiction in high school, until he became interested in mystery books when he entered college. Both of his parents were teachers, as his mom is a musician and an artist and his father is a ceramist; so Rick Riordan grew up in a very artistic family
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For example , Percy Jackson , is an out-going and hyper-active teenager with hidden leadership qualities. However, his weakness is that Percy is too loyal to his friends and will do anything to protect and save his friends. Annabeth Chase is more of an intellectual person, a girl with a bright mind. Her fatal flaw is that she thinks of herself as smarter than other people and will go lengths in proving that she is a person who dreams to be a legend among the intellectual people. Percy Jackson, may have well been the main character of the story, but each sub person had his or her own contribution, which became the reason why Percy was able to succeed on his quest; with the help of his allies and

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