Book Vs Movie Analysis

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The book and the movie had lots of comparisons, and they also have many differences. But I feel that the book was a little more detailed. I seemed to have a better movie in my head as I read than I did while I was watching the movie. Overall the book is great, I couldn’t put it down. It is very action pact and full of thrills.

There were a lot of differences that I notices between the book and movie. One was in the book Chris joined the navy when he was twenty four. In the movie, he was thirty. Also in the book, he shoots a women carrying a Chinese grenade. In the movie, he shot a little boy who was carrying a Chinese grenade. And another difference I noticed was in the book, Chris was caught dipping while he was running in SEAL training. In the movie, this never even happened. These are about all of the differences I noticed.
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One comparison I notices was when a marine was working on a wall to separate them from part of a city. While he was working, he was shot in the back. This happened on both the book and the movie. Also, in both the movie and book, Chris had his longest confirmed kill. This kill was almost from two miles away. And while Chris and his squad was pinned down in a building, they had to call close air support. The Marines sent a helicopter to help him and his team. And this biggest comparison I noticed was how war was changing him. Just the sound of and air gun that ar used on cars can trigger him to have flashbacks and other
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