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Movie vs Book Essay I’m writing about the comparison to the book and the movie on multiple different scenes in the blind side. Being since i 've read the book and watched the movie i have a lot of knowledge on boths stories. Both are mostly the same but still there 's some sense that stood out to be different. One difference that i 've noticed is that in the book michael needed extra credit to bring his GPA up and leigh anne got him extra classes to extend for the rest of the year “ he got an extra language class online” “ michael took before school bible studies that started at 6am” (Lewis pg.147) in the movie michael didn 't take any extra classes all he did was work hard with his tutor to get better grades in his regular classes. Another major scene that was very different in the movie was how the tuohy family met michael. In the movie michael was walking outside in the cold walking to the school gym when the tuohy family drove by and leigh anne asked him where he was going and when he answered they turned their car around she got out and insisted he stay with them the night. But In the book it was totally different sean tuohy found michael “When sean Tuohy first spotted michael oher sitting in the stands in the briarcrest gym, staring at…show more content…
In the book michael first was known to not know how to play football but when he got on the field he surprised everyone with his crazy ability at being amazing at the sport after seeing michael at the combines freeze said to another coach “ i didn 't know whether he could play,” ( Lewis pg.76) “but i knew this: we didn 't have anyone like him on campus.” (Lewis pg.76) . i picked this quote because it compairs the movie and the book in a way saying he didn’t know if he knew how to play or if he did then saying that there was no one else like him in there school also showed that he was most likely gonna be
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