Booker T Washington Atlanta Compromise Speech Analysis

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A Speech from A Legend Booker T. Washington’s historical event became an astonishing part of history on September 18, 1895. Booker T. Washington went from slavery and escaping poverty through relentless work to pursuing education and achieving international fame. He also became the first black man who was invited to speak at the Atlanta Cotton and International Exposition in front of a predominately white crowd. His speech left the audience with awe as he became a national figure with his “Atlanta Compromise” speech. Booker T. Washington used logical, ethical and emotional appeals in this famous speech in order to encourage African Americans to have a better life and work together with whites in order to create better opportunities. First,…show more content…
Washington’s “Atlanta Compromise” speech is a highly influential agreement struck since he used so much imagery while encouraging African Americans and whites to not be resentful people mainly towards each other. He wanted to inspire African Americans to take their education seriously and also improve economical gains to support political equalities for all. Washington used a simple story to illustrate a moral to point out his call for economic comity. However, disfranchise and segregation movements started in 1890. The south treated African Americans with denigration and humiliation. During this era, African Americans were hardly ever taken seriously when it comes to being sophisticated and they were expected to have more ignorance than knowledge. The time was right for new African American leaderships who can gain the respect from the strict white supremacist government. Booker T. Washington knew he had the qualifications just like the other African American leaders to speak out on important topics towards African Americans. People thought that if they collaborated with whites in working industries the south wouldn’t be very productive. Additionally, people were expecting Everything to decrease economically and financially. Washington’s speech came to peak of African Americans difficulties, but some whites didn’t want anything to do with them at all and mostly continued to try to ignore the reality as if it’s not affecting them in society since most considered
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