Booker T Washington Hero

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Today’s society civic and political participation is so important. The more people that participate, the greater insurance of freedom there is. If people ignore their civic responsibilities and don’t help make important decisions, then only a few people are deciding on who deserves government positions. It’s our duty as citizens to protect our rights and participate politically. And it is up to the people at large to protect and maintain the rights and freedoms we hold dear. I write to ask that we declare a new national holiday for Booker T. Washington. A man full of determination, Washington always strived to push himself beyond his limits. Washington 's determined character was always evident, always showing through, even as a young boy. Washington was educator as well as spokesperson for the rights of black Americans. He believed that black Americans should have equal opportunities in society. Washington was always engaged in challenging racial injustices and in improving social and economic conditions for blacks. Washington was a man…show more content…
Washington became known for his untiring efforts to ensure that Black Americans all had opportunities at education. Washington wouldn 't let nothing stop him. Washington was full of ambition. He always knew what he wanted and he was always driven to reach his goals. In addition to demonstrating hard work himself. Washington was also a strong promoter of hard work believing that this was the only way around. Booker T. Washington represents a hero because he gained the respect of others through his hard work and determination. Booker T. Washington was a complex individual. I personally think Booker T. Washington deserves a national holiday because he was the first African-American to have the honor of being invited to the White House. Society is different because of Booker 's work because he helped in getting equal rights for African-American
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