Booker T. Washington Summary

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Elizabeth Cobbs and Edward J. Blum were the authors of the article told by WEB DuBois about Booker T Washington. Elizabeth Cobbs, the recipient of many awards and fellowships from the Fulbright Commission, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Organization of American States, and other distinguished institutions. She is a professor at Texas A7M and she has won literary prizes for both fiction and history. Edward J. Blum, the co-author is also a professor but other than his counterpart, he is educating students’ history courses at San Diego University. He also is an award winning author and currently working on a project that explores issues of radical evil during the era of the civil war. The author narrating this story is providing information in third person where the article does not include neither one of them. The source was derived from 1903 but was narrated and written in 1969. This does affect the article only slightly because the two authors that wrote the article are…show more content…
The article was directed towards the African American community or the Negroes to offer an alternative ideology. The sources was created in and attempt to create a new movement that would advance the negro people without compromising higher education, civil rights and self-respect. Since he is directly scrutinizing the work of a Negro man, his work can be biased and that affects the reliability of the source given. The path given to us by Booker T. Washington is an ineffective one and gives no structure to what was previously done for the past fifteen years. The source is important because you need to advocate change for the betterment of the Negroes in order for the generations to be successful in what they do. We have to know the destruction of the current plan to make it better to understand the benefit of the
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