Booker T Washington Vs Native Americans

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For hundreds of years, longer than what should have been, many races excluding white men have been subjected to discrimination and segregation. Races such as African Americans and Native Americans have been oppressed by society and the United States government without remorse. The fight for equality for African Americans and Native Americans began when the first slave decided enough is enough. It started with the first slave to run away, the first person to speak out, the first person to stand their ground, and the first person to take risks that could end their life. That fight still continues today. People like Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., and Zitkala Ša are the reason different races around america have been given equality, even if it took longer than they wished. They have expanded the opportunities that were limited to them by fighting for their rights and it is important for the world to recognize this and the impact it has had. This essay will recognize two people from two different ethnic backgrounds, Booker T. Washington, an African American, and Zitkala Ša, a Native American. Though some disagreed with his methods, it can not be denied that Booker T. Washington’s methods of entering the world of white society slowly has worked successfully. He was a writer born into slavery in the state of Virginia in 1856 and lived during the time in which African Americans were still struggling to gain equality. He had many beliefs, one of them being that before

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