Books Banned In Fahrenheit 451

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In many societies over the years, books have been banned for many reasons. Especially in Montag’s society, from the book “Fahrenheit 451” Where they have gone as far as making all books illegal to posses. Let's talk about how they got to that point, and why they feel that books are dangerous, and why they shouldn’t have done what they did. Books are not dangerous, there are far more books that give good ideas, rather than bad ones, therefore books should not be destroyed, or all books banned because one is bad. Books are in fact good for people to read, because it boost brain activity.

In Montag’s society, they believe that books should be destroyed. Also in Montag’s society, they turned the firemen into full time book burners. It even …show more content…

In the book it says, “today, thanks to them, you can stay happy all the time.”(Bradbury pg.58) Another reason the books were outlawed, was because they were believed to be dangerous. Society believed they were dangerous, because of the ideas found within the text. The final reason that the books were outlawed was, because it hurt the minorities feelings, when a book made fun of them, or didn’t include them. All three of these reasons were key contributors to the outlawing of books, in the book “Fahrenheit …show more content…

It took years of neglect of the books for the books to finally be outlawed. What had happened, is the books kept on getting smaller, and people kept on not caring about their educations as much. As Bradbury said through Beatty in the text “School is shortened, discipline, relaxed, philosophies, histories, languages dropped, english and spelling gradually gradually neglected, finally almost completely ignored.”(Bradbury pg.55) What the text is saying is that eventually even the schools didn’t care, and they didn’t even use the books anymore. So eventually nobody used books, and they started to burn them, because they made people unhappy. Minorities were also offended by the books, so they were eventually burned.

The dangerous part of a book comes from the ideas that they hold. Outside of “Fahrenheit 451” there are books being banned all of the time. From books about Nazi Germany, all the way to books that are meant for Jr. Highers are banned for many different reasons, but the reasons all lead back to one thing. They lead back to the information that the book gives the reader. Therefore the most dangerous part about a book i the ideas, and the information that it gives the

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