Argumentative Essay: Banning Books In Public Schools

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Banning books will get students, schools, and libraries off the hook. Students can learn a lot of inappropriate stuff through certain books. Public libraries could get a lot of complains if they do not ban certain books from their library. Schools can get in deep trouble if they do not ban certain books from their school Banning certain books is good for multiple reasons.
Certain books should be banned because they could be inappropriate for students.“Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy” (Orwell 53). This quote means every human is an enemy of animals which makes this quote important because if young students read this they might believe they are actually enemies of animals. This connects to banned books because young students might believe stories like this one and students will start believing things that are not actually true. Banning certain books from certain places like an elementary school is beneficial for
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This quote is important because it was using an idiom and some young students might think they have to actually walk in someone 's skin to get to know a person. This connects to banned books because a lot of young students might go ask their parents if walking in someone 's skin is how you get to know a person and then the parents of these students will call the school and complain about what they taught their child. This again is where banning books come into place.Certain books have too much inappropriate stuff and students may learn too much inappropriate stuff from these
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