Argumentative Essay: Should Books Be Banned?

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Ever heard of books being banned? If so, did the news affect you, probably not at first but eventually the change will be remarkably noticeable. Say goodbye to straightforward information, rights, and useful instruction. All people have rights in the world and one of those rights is to read. Banning books should be prohibited because each person should be able to read whatever they need to, or desire to. Also books should not be banned so everyone can gain knowledgeable history of the world. Some people believe books should not be banned because it’s taking away our rights as human beings, limits knowledge and takes away our upper hand on history.
To begin, books should not be banned from libraries, schools or in the United States because
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Banning books will take away free information people can receive from that specific book. Google scholars made a good point, “However, children’s books covers or endpapers may contain information about the age level of the intended reader and a synopsis of the content. Board books, picture books, nonfiction, and young adult literature are frequently housed in different sections of a library to encourage age-appropriate corralling,” (Schneider, 25).For example, books come with a age group, education level, summary, and much more. The book itself is telling you all the information you need to know beforehand. At a library or in a classroom do not give a 8 year old a high school book. That would stop adults from banning books because their child is reading an inappropriate book. Speaking of books are mainly banned or the topic is brought up from a parent, teacher, or librarian. The reader needs to fin for themselves if it does not bother them why does the adult get involved. Notice another reasonable quote, “There aren’t “boy” books or “girl” books. There are books. There aren’t “boy” colors/toys/sports or “girl” colors/toys/ sports. Let’s go for equal opportunity and access.” (Schneider, 12) For instance, everyone has their favorites, specific choices or wants. No matter what everyone should be able to read whatever they incline to. Occasionally people give the “you can not read this because you are a
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