Books Should Not Be Banned In Schools

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Books: they can be a person’s companion, and a way for someone to gain more knowledge. Books encourage our imagination and desires. This privilege is taken away from us as soon as a parent or person feels there there is offensive language, or something going against morals. My honorable school board, books that are “offensive” should not be banned in schools. To Kill a Mockingbird should not have been banned, because it contains “offensive language”. “ What exactly is a n-- lover?”, “ Ignorant, trashy people use it when they think somebody’s favoring Negroes over and above themselves”(para.8,10, Selk). The book is providing a more broader outlook on what people were going through at that time period. It is not meant to offend anyone at all, it 's purpose is to simply show…show more content…
“When your first name becomes ‘nigger’, your middle name becomes ‘boy’....”. Martin Luther King was not trying to offend anyone at all. He was only trying to make you understand what he has experienced and the severity of it, just as To Kill a Mockingbird was. Recently, To Kill a Mockingbird has been banned in a school district because it is an “offensive book”. “Engaged parents should call the school district with a clear message: Our kids are tough enough to read a real book”(Selk). This book is simply sending a comprehensive message, just as many other books do. This should be the main focus when children are reading the book, not the specific language usage. Ultimately, books do not need to be banned just because people may find them offensive. Yes I understand that it is very offensive to some, but these books are allowing children to think deeper. My dear school board, these books are opening the minds of children to a broader perspective. Do not take away the privilege of cognitive
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