Boom Box Shield Speech Examples

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For my shield speech I prepared a boom box shield to represent three aspects of my life. In order to prepare for my speech, I had to think of something that connected with my life fairly well and that combined with my topics. The boom box collaborated with my speech on a decent level because my life is a lot like a radio station. In the beginning, I got nervous about five minutes before I had to stand up and present but other than those anxious few minutes I was pretty comfortable. I felt like I spoke a little fast, but that’s a given because I am a naturally born fast speaker. After I had presented my speech to the class I was relieved it was over and overwhelmed with happiness, probably like any other kid in class. But, I also had a sense…show more content…
For example; I need to not sway when I speak, instead I should walk back and forth maybe and make contact with everyone across the room. Speak more clearly and more slow for people who aren’t that good of a listener. A situation where I might need these specific set of skills would be a job interview almost or if I were to be in alcoholics anonymous or something like that. I can’t really think of any other time I would need to give a presentation about myself to anyone. One thing I just thought of that I could improve on for next time is my transitions. Not all my transitions flowed how I wanted them to, but that’s mostly because I have a bad habit of worrying about making eye contact so I didn’t want to look at my note cards and instead I messed up my transitions and conclusion. I stuttered at the end because I was going so fast to wrap it up so I could make time. I am confident that if in the future I were to practice just a little more I wouldn’t feel so rushed in the end. I also need to learn that if it doesn’t go with the topic, I should just leave it out of the speech. All in all, I thought my speech was pretty good but could use some improvement in the near
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