Suicide Squad Character Analysis

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After an impressive promotion campaign including trailers with classic numbers and an original soundtrack album by Skrillex, Twenty One Pilots and the like, Suicide Squad finally opened in theaters on August 5. The hype for this movie was undeniably humongous, not only because DC hardcore fanboys expected it to be the breakthrough for DCEU with a mix of humor and action, but also movie enthusiasts had been waiting for another reimagination of Joker, together with the live-action versions of other DC beloved villains/antihero. And while it performed pretty well at the box office even without releases in the Chinese market, the quality definitely fell short of its intriguing premise. As the third installment in DC Comics cinematic universe,…show more content…
Fans will always have David Ayer to blame for this, as his version of Task Force X’s first assignment is an immensely convoluted quest filled with mediocre action, forced humor and bland characters. Everyone can tell its messy editing results from materials that are irresponsibly mounted together, especially the scene when Flag and Moone go under the subway in correlation with a revelation about a bomb in the final act. At first, the flashbacks, despite being all exposition through Waller’s narration, was done in a stylistic manner and get the audience excite for this band of misfits, only to let us down once the action starts to kick in. Midway City is set up to look so run-of-the-mill horrendous and murky, which is not gritty in a good way and blends into one banal, dull ground at the beginning of act two. From this point on, the plot progresses in a conventional adventure with such cliche: a mindless ‘Eyes of the Adversary’ army, checked; a crusade through the wasteland to rescue an unusual ally, checked; a crossing with the vile third party resulting in the group’s unavoidable breakup, checked; a rushed and pretentiously profound reunion and supposedly inspiring pep-talk, checked; the final battle, checked; a moment of heartbreaking decision involving one member’s relatives or lover, checked. No one can truly understand Waller’s…show more content…
Boomerang has a fetish with pink unicorns and manages to throw about 5 actual boomerangs in the movies (unlike him in the last act, all of them just bolt away); Croc does not even demonstrate any feat of strength and only sit back to throw retarded one-liners about his beauty; Katana/Tatsu Yamashiro (Karen Fukuhara) appears later and does absolutely nothing significant; El Diablo is poorly written as a compelling guilt-struck metahuman and only stands out in two show-stealing scenes. Kinnaman (from 2014 RoboCop remake) is as bland as he always proves to be. All is tied up by the final showdown with an, again, supposedly menacing ancient witch, but aside from the fact that Enchantress is just another one-note villainous force of nature with no clear motivation and background to relate and her epic machine of destruction is the same as Fant4stic’s, the action sequence is shabbily choreographed with messy camera work and editing. I don’t quite figure out why such powerful extradimensional entity can even fool around (in Nightcrawler style, literally) with and offer a full-time job for adversaries who do not only just blow her brother to pieces a moment ago but also display no impressive feats of metahuman powers. In fact, the only one worth recruiting already
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