Boost Juice Background

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The entrepreneur Janine Allis founded the business Boost Juice in 2000. She grew her juice and smoothie empire from her kitchen bench into an international success story and Boost Juice Bars are now in 17 countries with over 400 stores. They offer a healthy alternative to fast food with a selection of delicious freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and crushes which are 98% fat free. All Smoothies are made from all natural ingredients and using the lowest fat and healthiest ingredients available and are amazing healthy snack for on the go.
During a trip to the US in 1999, Janine noticed the juice and smoothie category was booming. And yet there was hardly a juice bar to be found in Australia. After she studied the local retail sector, she realised there were very few healthy fast food choices in the Australian market at the time. She backed this up with her experiences of trying without luck to find a healthy snack on the go. Despite Janine having no formal business training and never having attended a day of university in her life she began developing a business concept that was unlike anything else.
Janine’s vision was to do retailing differently and create a unique customer experience based on her “love life” philosophy. A few months later Boost was born and the first store was opened in Adelaide. Janine did everything from making
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She was just a mum of 4 kids that had a passion for her idea and not much experience in that area. But that passion translated into over $2 billion in global sales and has blended its way through thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and veg every year, including 2000 tonnes of watermelons, 49 million blueberries and 3 million bananas a year in Australian alone. For most people the secret of success in life is to study hard and get good grades, get into a good university and work your way up the ladder. Janine didn’t know what the traditional path looked like so she made it up along the
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