Bootcamp Bro: A Short Story

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Bootcamp Bro My older brother has and always will be my best friend. Ten years is a large age difference but there was never a situation where he made me feel at all inferior to him. He comforts me when I’m down. He watches over me and is always there to keep me out of trouble. He stands up for me. He takes the fall for me and never asks for anything in return. I can’t recall a time where he wasn’t there for me… Even when he was two thousand miles away for three months Bobo, my brother, never showed an interest in the military, so you could say it came to my family as a surprise when he joined the National Guard practically the minute he turned eighteen. I was only eight so I was too young to understand how much impact it would have on me. I spent that summer not thinking much of it.…show more content…
“Just save all your homework until I get back.” He told me jokingly. He left two weeks after that conversation. It was easy at first, but as weeks and more weeks went by I was in agony. I couldn’t live without my older brother. He always send notes to my mom with little notes to me which I appreciated but it was no comparison to having him there to mess with me and bring me the type of joy you can only get from your sibling. This carried on for months until one day we got a letter and it was addressed to me. Just me. The letter came in the mail a couple weeks before I knew I would see him again. He wrote to me on tiny lined paper from a three by five notebook. It was about how much he missed me. About how he thought about me every day, worrying about how I was getting my homework done and went into detail on all of the things that he was going through at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He wrote about how he remembered when I was a little girl “sucking on my binky until I was five years” and how much I have grown up to be strong and smart. The letter concluded with: “... I’ll see you soon Sammie, Love you.
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