Boots Marketing Strategy

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In the recent past, the marketing environment has changed in a significant way as a result of developments in technology along with globalization. Besides, marketing efficiency is mainly concerned with the increasing the profit margins as well as the overall performance of an organization. In an ideal organization, the marketing department oversees the activities of introducing and selling new or existing products and services to the target audience. Thus, the number of sales and profits significantly depend on this department (Tinson 2004). As a consequence, lots of resources are invested in the marketing department to increase the efficiency of promotion campaigns in attempts to improve the effectiveness of the promotion strategic plans in…show more content…
More often than not, the marketing mix is founded on the behavior of the customers, physiographic, geographically along with demographically. As an illustration, Boots operates in more than 20 different nations including the United Arabs Emirates (U.A.E), especially in Qatar and United Kingdom (U.K). Despite being sourced from the same company, products designed for the UK are often different from those for Qatar. One of the main reason why this is the case is attributed to the differences in climate between the two market segments (Bowman and Gatignon…show more content…
For the customers, they include need recognition, evaluation, information analysis as well as the purchase along with post purchase conduct. Decision-making phases for the businesses include problem identification, the analysis of the needs, specifications description, looking for the appropriate resources, supplier isolation, performance monitoring and the reviews, among others.
4.3: Differences between the international marketing and domestic marketing Even though national and international marketing plans are similar in most principles, they tend to differ due to the differences in political, economic and social practices in different countries. Therefore, effective strategic business plans must account for these differences a hence the variations in domestic and international marketing approaches. Notably, the scope of domestic is often restricted and may drain, mainly because of a high level of competition confined in a particular geographic location. This is contrary to the international marketing plans which have numerous opportunities to explore existing and future markets and hence the wider
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