Boots Footwear Marketing Strategy

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This is an integrated marketing communications plan for Boots Footwear line written from the perspective of a marketing research analyst for the firm. This study comprehensively assesses several aspects of the marketing and communication plan for the footwear line of Boots Ltd. It also analyses the current market situation and the target market for the product and evaluates marketing objectives and strategies needed to achieve the goals set for the business.

Introduction This academic report focuses on the footwear product of the popular brand Boots and develops an appropriate integrated marketing strategy for the same. Boots footwear is a recent venture of the company and while is in its initial stages, needs a strong marketing strategy for the venture to flourish. The purpose of the report is to draw an effective marketing communications plan for Boots footwear through comprehensive analysis if its present market situation and formulation of strong tactics and objectives that can help the venture achieve its stated goals and profits. The report also intends to offer suitable evaluation and control mechanisms while offering appropriate actions to achieve its objectives.
Situation Analysis External context analysis
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Boots Footwear must recognize the idea that makes your shoe line imaginative, and outline a showcasing arrangement around it; tailor the arrangement to the needs of the crowd who might be most amped up for the development. For instance, in the event that Boots Footwear has made another line of agreeable dress shoe for specialists on the go, outline a showcasing arrangement that accentuates the way that the shoes look simply like different dress shoes however are considerably more agreeable. Place advertisements in airplane terminals, business magazines and different areas businesspeople would be prone to

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