Boppers In The 1950's

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The parents and authorities during the 1950’s were that of the “rebellious boppers.” The adult fear that the “boppers” had an wrote set of morals which encourage sin. According to two teenage girls, to become a “bopper” girls and guys had to dress a certain way and only listen to “bebop” music. Other requirements to be a “bopper” included a statement to disobey parents and authority while stealing and vandalising. The final stage of becoming a “bopper” was to racial mix whites and blacks; white girls were to date black boys and agree to an act of sexual immorality. The first girl source also claims that “bopper” progress is measured by number of immoral acts committed by a member. She also tells the reporter that at “booper” parties, teenage gatherings, there is alcohol and marijuana consumption.…show more content…
The article about “boppers” however is not very credible. The article ever begins by claiming “authorities have found little tangible evidence,” and the information if all based on the recollections of two mid-teen girl who claim to have gone to a “bopper” meeting. According to the source, reports of these rebellious teens were increasing since school started up again; possible because the teens had more contact with each other. It also a possibility that this teenage rebellion had been taking place for a while, but adult and authorities were too focused on the war and other pressing matters that they did not bother with what the teens were doing with their free
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