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Do you enjoy warm weather, beautiful beaches and, white sand? Then Bora Bora is the place to take a vacation. Bora Bora is located in the French Polynesia. It’s so eye catching because It has a beach and beautiful scenery. There are many attractions there and you will always have something to do. Bora Bora, French Polynesia, is a very small beautiful island, has a rich and fascinating past and many of fascinating attractions. The island has a beautiful beach called the Matira Beach. The beach has turquoise water and beautiful white sand.

Bora Bora has an interesting Historical Significance. “The small Island of Bora Bora was discovered by James Cook in 1769.”(“History of Bora Bora1”).“Bora Bora is a very small Island that was formed by an volcanic eruption over four million years ago.”(“History of Bora Bora 1”).The island has many historical places like the volcano and
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There is the Matira Beach that is a beach that has white sand and beautiful turquoise water. Mount Otemanu is a dormant volcano that rises 727m (“Best Things to do in Bora Bora1”). The Bora Bora Lagoonarium is a lagoon that is natural. At the lagoon everyone is able to snorkel, and see sharks, turtles, rays, and many different types of fish. Another major attraction is Coral Gardens it’s a small islet just east of the main island. According to “Best Things to do in Bora Bora” many visitors rave about the amount of fish and sea life that is visable(1). There is also another major attraction called Vaitape. Vaitape is a major city in French Polynesia where many people go to sight see. There are also many places on the island where you can feed sharks and stingrays. In Bora Bora there are many boat tours to go on. Many people say that Bora Bora is a boaters dream. I also seen that many people like to get married on the island. There are many different packages to choose from like cruises and wedding

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