Borden Deal Christmas Hunt Analysis

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In the story, "Christmas Hunt" the author Borden Deal, shows that the theme "all good things come to those who wait. Tom wants to go hunting with his father but he is not ready. So Tom says, "All my life I had been hearing tales of past Christmas Day hunts and I knew with a great ten-year-old certainty that I was old enough to go." In the middle of the story Tom disobeys his father and goes anyway and takes Calypso Baby his father’s dog with. “You gonna hunt for me like you do for Papa?” ,Tom Said. In the end, Tom’s father didn’t let him be in the Christmas day hunt but, Tom got a new puppy that they would train to hunt. “I looked at the bird-dog puppy in the basket. All of a sudden Christmas burst inside me like a skyrocket.” All in all, “Christmas
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