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1) What actions prompted the border control offensive and made the issue of illegal immigration a priority? The action that prompted the border offensive was the use of the border as a political stage. Governor Pete Wilson of California used footage given to him from Border Patrol agent of illegal immigrants crossing the border. The Governor campaigned stating that the federal government wasn’t controlling the border but expected the states to provide for the illegals. He used television as his tool to get the message out to everyone. Because of this campaign and others like it President Clinton took the issue head on recommending an increase in size for Border Patrol agents. The president also implemented the frequently visits between…show more content…
Since the oversight of the border control was regained during President Clinton admiration, smuggler became known more heavily. The number of smuggled illegals was at an all-time high during 1993 to 1996. Smuggler began to cross illegals over the border as a new source of business. This new issue affected the economic integration, many illegals found jobs off the books, which did not contributed to taxes and tax payer. The issue faced by this smugglers was that many for those who enter the United States where here at one point. 40% to 50% of illegals are set to enter this country legally on visas and stayed past their expiration (Andreas, 5, 100). The American Free Trade Agreement may it difficult for a closer border crossing control. It allowed Mexican and U.S immigrants to cross borders to work. This became a thin line between enforcement and facilitation (Andreas, 5,…show more content…
The border has a big coverage area in may related topic, drugs, immigrant crossing, crimes, diseases, equipment and so on. The question arises of how can the borders protect us from these activities? With the process of opening and closing border we can reduce these activities. An example occurs in Africa, where people were said to have Ebola. The government in that region closed their borders in order to prevent infected people from crossing in and affecting others. This measure helped to stop the spread of the Ebola disease. So the connection between the borders and public health/safety is that in the end the borders control what affect or doesn’t affect public

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