Border Wall In The United States

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The illegal immigration problem between the United States and Mexico has become a critical issue. This has been especially true this past election year, with many candidates proposing their solution to the issue. The most well-known of these solutions is Donald Trump’s proposal of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Everyone, regardless of political affiliation, has differing views on this idea. Most are on either extreme of the spectrum: completely in agreement, or entirely against it. Regardless of what one’s views on the wall are, it must be recognized that this issue is beyond a simple political dispute. This issue has become one important even to those not directly affected by it. An important note to make is that the U.S.-Mexico…show more content…
Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that if the wall were to be built, Mexico would be the one to pay for it. The President of Mexico has refused to do this several times. Although, depending on the type of wall and the materials needed, it may ultimately cost too much for the U.S. to afford. The length of the border itself must also be considered. In addition to cost, time is also a huge concern. It is hard to see the possibility of a wall being built by the end of President Trump’s term when the Secure Fence Act of 2006 has still not been fully…show more content…
First, we need to recognize that a wall, as well as any other sort of security present on the border, is meant to keep out illegal immigrants and not legal immigrants that are seeking American citizenship. Everyone should agree upon the fact that we need to control the number of illegal immigrants somehow. Only a fraction of the current border is lined with fences and other sorts of barricades, which is very patchy and ineffective. The border definitely can not be left like this. It could at least be completed to make it consistent throughout. Of course the U.S. would still have to come to some sort of agreement on the payment of this. Most likely, the U.S. will have to pay rather than Mexico since it will be on our land. This compromise would satisfy people on both sides of the issue. The more consistent barrier will be more effective than an actual wall because it will be stronger than what is currently there, it will not destroy our relations with Mexico, and it will be faster to

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