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Imagine that you are walking when suddenly you come across a twenty-foot wall in the middle of your path. It is made of steel and concrete with security cameras perched along the top. You look at it and realize that there is not a way for you to cross this wall, so you turn around and head back in the direction that you came, back to the job and the life you know. On the other side of the wall a similar person approaches, but then turns away and goes back to their life. Neither one of you comes into contact with the other but you go back to the life you know, not interrupting or endangering the other’s life. This scenario is what people hope will be reality if the wall is built all along the southern border. It will create a world where illegal immigrants will have a harder time coming into the United States and disturbing how many Americans live. This wall between the United States and Mexico has led to many arguments on either side. With the United States 2016 Presidential Campaign currently going on and Donald Trump saying that he wants to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, border walls are becoming a popular discussion…show more content…
Those people say that a border wall will help defend the economy of the United States during economic downturns by protecting American jobs. They believe that it is a popular misunderstanding that immigrants only do the types of jobs that native-born Americans will not. For example, many professions including construction, grounds-maintenance, housekeeping, and janitorial services actually have the majority of jobs performed by native-born Americans (Camarota). Every dollar that gets spent on illegal immigrants is a dollar that could have been spent on tax-paying American citizens, who need all the help they can get during these difficult

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