Border Wars Movie Analysis

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Critical Response “Border Wars”

The film "Border Wars" is part of a series produced by National Geographic Channel in which illegal immigration and Border Patrol are the main characters with a setting between the border of U.S. and Mexico. Although, video was intended to expose how members of a drug cartel attempt to smuggle illicit substances to the U.S., the majority of content was really about illegal immigration. Throughout the film, the greater part of individuals apprehended by border patrol agents were people pursuing a better quality of life "the American dream". However, the film fails to describe illegal immigration by taking a judgmental perspective about the individuals trying to cross the border simply by using the title "Border
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As shown in the video, "Border Wars" implies to be the first source of information in terms of drug trafficking between the U.S. Mexico border but the value of their information looses credibility by avoiding to mention the United States as one of the major consumer of illicit substances. "Border Wars" fails to mention the supply demand between the countries and how every year the U.S. drug consumers finance drugs cartels in Mexico not only by being their main economic source but by being their main supply in arms. The video fails to consider the importance of drug trafficking once in U.S. territory as well as to emphasize drug and armed supply as a constant problem for the U.S. economic budget in terms of health and the criminal justice system. In addition, the film avoids to mention actual information about drug trafficking in the United States such as the tactics and routes of smuggling substances not only by crossing the dessert using "mulas". It is know that drug cartels are increasing the sophistication of their tactics when it comes to increase the amount of product by using private and commercial flights as well as vehicles and
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