Borderline Personality Disorder Case Studies

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Diagnostic impressions: Jim’s profile pattern appears to meet the diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality disorder and borderline personality disorders. More specifically further assessment is warranted to also rule out, bipolar disorder, histrionic personality disorder and possible substance abuse disorders especially considering the significantly unreported use of his historical and/or current drug and/or alcohol use. Research has suggested that individuals who met the diagnostic criteria for borderline personality may have been victims of some sort of physical or sexual abuse therefore further inquiry is necessary. Additionally based on his profile a pattern of antisocial behavior was probably first evident in adolescents and it is also not uncommon for individuals to have had features of conduct disorder in adolescents, however, this should be assessed with caution based on his military experience therefore, further…show more content…
Especially considering that his responses indicated that he is someone who is easily angered and has difficulty controlling the expression of his anger. Jim may also find group therapy also be helpful because it will expose him to others with similar diagnosis and he may learn some more acceptable socializing skills but caution should be taken because of his aggressive tendencies with others, and his acting out behavior. Further assessment for potential learning disabilities is still needed, as the PAI is not generally used insolation for learning disability evaluations. Jim may also benefit from meeting with a vocational rehabilitation counselor, career center or workforce support center in order to get assistance in finding
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