Borderline Personality Disorder

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Personality disorders are conditions that are considered to cause patterns of abnormal behavior in person. A person suffering from the personality disorder is recognized through distressing symptoms which are ranging. However, borderline personality is a common and most frequent personality disorder which is considered to be a serious mental health disease. It is characterized by the range of pervasive patterns such as instability effect of regulation, interpersonal relationship conflicts, impulse control and self-image(Lien et al,2004).. However, this research paper develops an insight of an epidemiology study that highlights the etiology, incidence or prevalence and the secondary symptoms of borderline personality disorder. Etiology…show more content…
These factors are emotional dysregulation, unstable cognitive functioning, and unstable sense of self and unstable interpersonal relationships (Lien et al, 2004). On the other hand, the neurochemical factor is considered to be vulnerable to people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder based on a research study. Therefore, it suggests that when the behaviors of aggression and impulsive which are characterized as the traits of a borderline personality disorder patient, are associated with the decrease in the levels of serotonin ("Etiology - What causes BPD? | Borderline Personality Disorder Clinician Resource…show more content…
This is as a result of adversity in traumatic events during childhood period. Therefore, these events are considered as psychological factors. However, a patient diagnosed with borderline personality disorder can be treated by undergoing some therapy when early symptoms are detected. Furthermore, the symptoms normally include pervasive patterns of instability effect of regulation, interpersonal relationship conflicts, impulse control and self-image. The diagnosed patient suffers from anxiety, poor anger management, and internal self-conflict. Medication and psychiatrist counseling may have an impact when endorsed as the means of treatment to the diagnosed patient. Finally, psychological factors are viewed to be preventable for instance failure to secure attachment to a child during the early life. Securing an attachment with the child will enable the child to develop stable interpersonal relationships and build his/her confidence. Child sexual abuse may also be prevented if parents could secure a stable attachment with the child whereby it will give the child the confidence and freedom to open up to his/her parents. On the other hand, some of the causes of BPD are hardly preventable such genetic factors. When preventive measures are implemented, the rate of incidence and prevalence will drop in countries such as Norway and
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