Essay Borders Should Be Closed

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In its simplest terms, a border can be defined as a line separating two countries. Borders can have many social, cultural and physical implications. They are so much more than invisible lines engraved through the soil. Borders are a geographical phenomenons; careful elements of organisation and the management of territory, usually preformed by a political power. Borders serve as a clever way to segregate people based on their class, ethnicity, language, religion and culture. They are a way for governments to maintain their territorial control. But should borders even exist? Should borders merely act as a guideline to separate the world? Should each country simply be regarded as small piece of the jigsaw puzzle that reunites us all? Or should borders act as a rigid structure, banning people from easily crossing to and fro one country and another? I believe that yes, borders should be open and people should be free to leave their country of origin and settle in another. Borders should be kept open because it’s not just a political issue, but a humanist issue. Migrants do not always willingly abandon their homeland for the sake of adventure. They move because they…show more content…
People believe that the infrastructure will struggle to hold the larger population and consider this a very real excuse not to allow an increase in population. While it is true that traffic will congest, the solution is very obvious; simply build new infrastructure. Luckily the government will have the ability to afford the new roads and flyovers due to the extra tax money from immigrants in their new jobs, plus the money saved from immigration enforcement. To say that it is an unnecessary cost is ridiculous as improved infrastructure is always an advantage. Multinational corporations see these countries as more attractive locations to establish branches of their business and so the cycle of more money going into the economy
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