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How was it to become the owner of a famous pet? How was it to have a dog which has more followers on Instagram and more likes on Facebook than you? The owner of the dog which look like a bear said she created a monster.

"I’ve created a monster— like Victor to Frankenstein — and now Frankenstein’s famous, leaving her creator alone in the shadows. I want to wish my dog nothing but the best in her future endeavours…but it’s tough when your cuddle buddy has left you to eat her dust," said Christine Park, as shared by Bored Panda.

Christine created an Instagram account for Tonkey, a fluffy bearcoat shar-pei that looks like a stuffed toy, eight weeks ago. She only aims to get some friends but the adorable dog is the one getting all the attention.

"I like my dog and all, but Tonkey’s rise to fame has got me wondering what she’s got, that I don’t. 8
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Aside from Tonkey, Christine and her husband, Dave, have another dog named Maxi. They call Maxi as Tonkey 's "big sister." I

Christine, however, admitted in an email to The Huffington Post on Friday that Tonkey is always the "most interesting part" of their day.

"Tonkey is always the most interesting part of our day! She has a fearless playfulness about her, and it 's hilarious to witness, especially in contrast to Maxi 's more mellow approach to life. Max and Tonkey are never far apart, though. They 're best friends and and loyal sisters," she wrote.

Meanwhile, the couple hopes that Tonkeys supporters will give their pet an opportunity to do something great for its friends.

"Dave and I are thrilled at the positive and enthusiastic response to Tonkey’s Instagram account. We hope it leads to some great opportunities to offer our aid/support in the world of our fur-friends," she added.
Here is a video of the dog that looks like a
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