Born Evil In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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There are billions of people in the world. They all start as small infants, then grow up. But not everyone turns out the same as the next. Some turn out to be truly evil beings. The truth is, many humans have done acts of evil, but no one is born evil. They are born like a blank slate, bound to be shaped by society. People believe others are either born to be corrupted or born to be kind. In this essay, to prove that people are born as a blank state and not either one of those we will show some examples from the story Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley. People are born innocent and naive to what 's going on in the world around them. Babies are born innocent with no evil in there small bodies, they can 't even comprehend what evil is. “Babies…show more content…
Naturally everyone is born evil, it just takes someone to teach us how to be good. When people don 't know where to turn to, they turn against each other. This is demonstrated every time a civilization collapses, people result to violence. The reason we do not commit crime, is because of the law, accompanied with the fear of the punishment. "I was like a wild beast that had broken the toils; destroying the objects that obstructed me and ranging through the wood with a stag-like swiftness.”(Shelley 146). He got fed up with people and so he acted with such an evil intent. Thus releasing all his anger. But, here is the weakness, people get scared and resort to what they have learned over the course of their lives in times of strife. Other people that resort to the violence they speak of could be from there genetics. Many criminals, killers, and felons have a mental disorder that messes them up. Then they go out and create mass hysteria. There is also the fact that decisions made over time will affect the type of person you will become. Like The monster started as a naive being then got upset from the poor environment around him, and acted out in revenge: ruining his life and place in society even more than it already was. "I continued for the remainder of the day in my hovel in a state of utter and stupid despair. My protectors had departed and had broken the only link that held me to the world. For the first time the feelings of revenge and hatred filled my bosom, and I did not strive to control them, but allowing myself to be borne away by the stream, I bent my mind towards injury and death” (Shelley 148). The world threw animosity at him day in and out leaving him bitter and alone so he acted out in an act of revenge. That all could have been prevented if he was around a supportive and caring
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