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BORN IN THE WRONG BODY A Play by Alyssia Mooney Alyssia Mooney Mrs. Love Hilliard Creative Writing 22 September 2016 Characters PAUL, teenage boy who feels like he was born in the wrong body MOM, very judgemental mother with 4 kids, paul’s mother ANNA, loving oldest sister works at a pharmacy Setting In the living room of the home around 11 o’clock present day (Lights up to reveal MOM sitting on the couch in the living room watching tv as PAUL enters the room) PAUL Hey, ma. Mom Hi, baby. (PAUL sits on the couch next to MOM ) PAUL How was work? what did you do? MOM You see me trying to watch my show and you over here playing 20 Questions. Can't you find something else to do. PAUL Sorry.. I just wanted to talk. MOM Get a girlfriend; she'll talk your ears off. Go find…show more content…
you're gonna be like you dad not me or your sisters. PAUL But mom, it’s not fair I should get atleast some say in what I want. MOM You’re only 15 you don't get a say in what you can or can't do because you can't even get a job yet. PAUL Mom please I need this you don't know how many time I thought about doing something i might regret because i am being a person I am forced to be I always knew I was different from the beginning. When the other boys wanted to play with the toy trucks I wanted to play with the dolls with the other girls. and just the little things like that always made me know I wasn't just any ordinary boy. MOM But that's what made you unique your confused honey just because you're different doesn't mean that you want to be a girl you don't need to be a girl to be happy there are plenty of boys that are different and happy that aren't girls. PAUL But mom, I don't want to be a boy I hate myself I despise the parts that I have they make me feel disgusted with myself, I hate the way I’m am now, and you will never know what runs through my head on a daily basis.

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