Born Into Brothels Calcutta's Red Light Kids Documentary Analysis

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Although India’s prosperity seems to be rising quite well, poverty is still evident in some parts of the country. The documentary, Born Into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids, is one that shows the living conditions of the people who live in the red light district. Filmmakers Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman direct it, although the first person point of view is seen from Briski’s perspective. To get a more intimate look into what it is like to live in the red light district of India, a special group of children of the prostitutes of the area were inspired to photograph their environment and living conditions. The reluctant subjects mainly being the people living in the district. The main objective of the filmmakers is to help them have a chance…show more content…
They have developed a dark sense of humor that is evident through their dialogue throughout the whole documentary. Riding on the topic of poverty, parents do not have the money to support their artistic endeavors. It is also saddening to see that most of the parents are broken by their poverty, and resort to selling their children and taking their anger out on them. Another thing that was pointed out was that the root causes of poverty were addiction to drugs and alcohol. Therefore, children have a social stigma and cannot be easily accepted into school, because of their parents’…show more content…
Children in extreme poverty but are hoping for a better life through education is a sad reality. This documentary was artistically shot in a way that shows how grave the effect of poverty can be on children. It invites viewers to do concrete actions in order to help these children get out of their seemingly hopeless state. Overall, this was a beautiful documentary that managed to expose bleak issues while maintaining the interest of the viewers all throughout; also sparking a fire inside of them to help these children have a better

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