Born Into Brothels Film Analysis

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Disturbing would be the one word I would describe Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman’s film Born Into Brothels. However, a disturbing reaction is precisely what the directors were looking for. The purpose of this film was to frighten and scare the audience on how some people actually lived in our world. The film wanted to make people aware of the horrible and unjust conditions of many women and children in the Red Light District in India. In order to accomplish this goal of awareness the film had to grab the attention of the viewers. With the use of strange and dark camera usage, the audience experienced in the miserable streets of the Red Light District. One scene stood out to me the most when the hues of the camera shifted orange and red…show more content…
Buildings and streets of the Red Light District were absolutely filthy, especially compared to the relatively sanitary big cities in The United States and European countries. Regardless, the main focus of the film, the children, were full of joy and laughter in horrible conditions. Zana then gives a brief background of each individual kid and describes their struggles and attributes. As the film progresses, “Zana Auntie”, as the kids call her, hands all eight boys and girls a camera and proceeds to educate them on the power of photography. She uses each child’s top photos in order to publish them in building awareness of the kids situation, as well as providing the feeling accomplishment and entertaining and educational experiences. Zana's ultimate goal, however, is to place all eight children into better education programs so they can have better promising futures outside of the horrible brothel in the Red Light District of India. Zana Briski is not only a filmmaker created a deeply inspirational film but is also a philanthropist who forever changed the lives of eight young children. Although all eight of the children did not make it to better schools and out of the brothel, they have felt the feeling of hope which is something no one can take away from
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