Born On The Fourth Of The July Summary

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The story, “Born on the fourth of the July” was a true story written by Ron Kovic. He was born on the fourth of the July 1946 in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. He was an author of born on the fourth of the July, around the world in eighty days, and a dangerous country. The story was based on author’s personal life and events happened to him before and after the joining of the USA Marine Corps. The major character of the story was his father and mother. The major conflict was between Ron Kovic and Vietnam War. First of all, the story began with an eight-year boy, Ron Kovic, who was attending a welcoming veteran ceremony with his parents. He was an athlete and always interested in playing basketball, and wrestling at the school. His mother dreamed about…show more content…
The most interesting thing was that when Ron was a child, he saw that the society welcomed their veterans with great respect and love. On the other hand, when he returned to his hometown, people were not happy and they didn’t give love and respect what he supposed to get. The conflict that moved me was that when he returned home his mother and siblings didn’t appreciate him on his hard work, even he got paralyzed and his brother embarrassed him by saying what happened to your legs. I believe that Ron’s father and his childhood friend played important roles because they motivated him in his hard time. The role that I didn’t care was his girlfriend because she became a rich and professional person. In addition, she didn’t want to go further in the relationship because Ron was a paralyzed veteran person and after all her girlfriend was against the war, so she had no more value of relationship towards him. The whole story engaged me till the end because it had ups and downs with full of heart touching emotions. The conflict that confused me a lot and it was hard for me to understand that why the government didn’t realize the poor situation of the veterans, their needs and what they wanted to say? In particular, when the soldiers ended up
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