Born To Buy Analysis

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Food Coloring Affecting the Our Eating Habits After many years of research, Juliet B. Schor finally understood how children are marketed to as well as how that behavior might have changed over time. She was part of the Visiting Professor Exchange program and was also connected with Harvard University where she met many professionals in the same field. In Schor’s Born to Buy, not only does she identify the marketing strategies that are used to attract more customers and purchase their products, but also serious consequences as a result of how harmful these strategies can be.
Food industries take a big amount of money solely on advertising. There are many food companies out there providing the same
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Viral marketing could be thought of as a virus. It takes over a host, then spreads to others to affect more people. This is precisely what marketers want with their products. Schor states, “Increasingly, companies begin with a viral, that is, a person-to-person grassroot effort, or even a stealth campaign. Ideally it will be accomplished by a public relations push to get stories about the product into the news media” (69). Schor explains how the marketers want to send out a “virus” to find a host. Through viral marketing junk foods are one of the best examples of how quickly is spreads. For example, if one person buys a bag of chips and shares it to three other friends. Next time, the three friends will buy the bag of chips and share to three friends. At last, it will not be about friendships and trust anymore, but only telling others how great a product is. Schor explains, “Sometimes the company will pay to have the product placed in movies, television shows, video games, or on Web sites” (70). This action of the marketing is called Replacement Marketing where the marketers sponsor the media by offering them money but in return, must only use the items they provide. People who watch movies or tv will often see the same brands such as shoes, clothes, and accesories that the actors…show more content…
Faux food is another word for fake food which has no nutritional value. Scientifically speaking, this type of food contains empty calories because they do not provide satisfaction but calories. Schor states, “Kids are treated to a steady diet if enticements for sugary food, fatty food, salty snacks, fast food, and solid and ‘liquid candy’ (a.k.a. soft drinks)” (120). In our generation, kids are surrounded by so many choices, they are bound to have eaten faux food at least once. The reason why faux food are so popular is because they taste so much better than healthy food, but that is because of the additives they contains. Schor also claims, “Food advertising pervades children's Internet sites. Online games are created around food products to keep kid interacting with brand logo for extended periods of time. Many kids’ sites contain junk food advertising or links to the major food brand” (120). First, they have the kids attention because of the game. Next, they put up ads around it. Eventually, when the kid is hungry, the ads will look even more appealing. In the end, junk food successfully grabs a kid’s attention and will give in to the purchase. Food coloring and additives are known to be the appealing part of junk food, sometimes people eat these additives without
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