Borrgini: A Biography: Ferruccio Lamborghini

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Ferruccio Lamborghini
A Biography
Early life:
In the house of viticulturists Antonio and Evelina Lamborghini on April 28, 1916 Ferruccio Elio Arturo Lamborghini was born in Renazzo di Cento, in the Province of Ferrara, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy. Lamborghini was more found of farming machinery than farming itself. Lamborghini got his education from Fratelli Taddia technical institute near Bologna because of his interests in machinery and mechanics. He went into the Italian Royal Air force in 1940 and served there as a mechanic at talian Garrison. Later on he became the supervisor of vehicle maintenance unit. He was caught as a prisoner in the war of 1945 when island fell to British and returned
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He used to repair Fiat Topolino in his extra time that he had purchased. Due to his mechanical abilities he was able to convert homely city car into 750-cc and took the car into a competition in Mille Miglia in 1948. But his car was not able to go beyond 700 miles after he drove the car into the side of the hotel. And the Lamborghini was no more racing car. This loss they had to endure for years.

Beginnings of entrepreneurship

By 1949, Lamborghini started making tractors from the scratch. Fortunately his tractors got popular so much that they were recognized as the best tractor in Italy. The business of tractors made him very wealthy man.
Involvement with boats
Lamborghini than got involved in boats. Riva Aquarama Lamborghini on 7 june, 1968 was delivered to its owner Ferruccio Lamborghini. That was the only boat fitted with two Lamborghini engines just to meet Ferruccio’s demands. In july 1988 a Ferruccio after being the owner of the boat for 20 years, sold his boat to a friend named Angelo merli.
Involvement with
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Lamborghini fixed the problem of the clutch by replacing Ferrari’s clutch with his tractor’s clutch. Lamborghini decided to tell Ferrari about imperfections of his car and hoe to repair them. Considering Ferrari was the top dog of car businesses, he did not like a tractor mechanic telling about the imperfections about sports cars. Ferrari thought that Lamborghini did not know a thing about his cars or the cars in general. He told Lamborghini that go repair your tractors, you cannot fix my cars or you even can ride them properly. Lamborghini after facing so much insult want straight to the home without saying anything. In home while sitting on dining with his son and wife. He said that I bought two cars of Ferrari and this is how he paid me back. He decided to take revenge. This started Lamborghini’s passion for cars. It had been merely a hobby for him before, but Lamborghini decided to turn his hobby into a passion. He started working on building his own luxury cars. In only four months, he revealed the Lamborghini 350 GTV at the Turin Motor Show in October of 1963. 13 cars were sold by the end of 1964 and the name was changed to 350 GT. Lamborghini wanted to become a very wealthy person before getting 50 years old after he brought competition with Ferrari. Lamborghini became as wealthy as Ferrari by the early 1960s. People believed that Lamborghini was crazy about making sports car and to give
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