Bosch's Mission Statement

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Mission statement is a declaration written by an organization which represents the organization's core purpose and focus which usually unchanged over time. It Usually state a company's function, markets and competitive advantages. It doesn't have to be catchy or easy to remember sentence ,it just need to be accurate for the company. "BeQIK" is the Bosch Company's mission. The "Q" is about produce a premium level quality products to customers, and quality is the most value asset for the Bosch Company. The "I" is about being innovative when the company facing different challenge everyday. Lastly the "K" is the German term “Kundenorientierung” which means customers orientation so that the company can inspires customers and associates.…show more content…
It summarize most important factors which are quality, innovative and customers orientation. Bosch company wants to serve customers with premium quality products and able to becomes first choice of supplier in the international industry sector. Moreover, Bosch company wants to provide a best customers service for it's customers to show that they value every customers . Furthermore, Robert Bosch want it's company to be innovative on every aspect of the company's business. for example Bosch choose a most efficient way to operate and manage the company and always emphasize the research and development department to improve their product so that it can satisfy customers.

1.1.4 Goals Goal statement is a general statement of what a personal or a company wish to achieve. So, a personal or a company need to integrated with vision and mission statement of how to achieve the vision. Goal statement will show a desire of a companies outcome and it's a person primary's motivator. Bosch company's objective is to establish a better product which can improve quality of production in manufacture industry and provide a better quality of life which are beneficial and innovative to consumers. It's entrepreneurial freedom and financial independence allow Bosch company to pursue it's vision. Bosch company focus on it's core competencies in automotive and industrial technologies as in products and customers services
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First of all, Bosch company able to recognise technical and business trend in opportunely time, to create a clear and compelling objective, so that the company can secure their make sure the objective can be achieve systematically. Bosch company's objective and action constantly abide by long-term strategy which is business field portfolio and for the global distribution of the business activities. The strict pursuit of long term objective is based on the business policy so that Bosch company able to preserve entrepreneurial freedom and financial independence. Furthermore, the driving force of the Bosch company is their constant develop and determination of insist of using own creative and innovative ways to establish advance technological solution which able to deliver a high class customers effectiveness. The motivation from associates and a close cooperation with customers lead Bosch company able to achieve a high level in production and services. Then Bosch company always standby to invest resource from their own research and
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