Bosnian Genocide Research Paper

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Brianna Hernandez Mr. Montecino Intro to literature 9 April 2017 Bosnian Genocide The Bosnian Genocide was caused by Serbia “ethnically cleanse” Through the years 1992-1995 the Bosnian genocide has killed over 100,000 people, Including the of Bosnian and Serbian people(, 2). The breakup of the country Yugoslavia caused the ethnic group in the region to fight for control that lead to the Serbian people believing that Bosnia needed to be “ethnically cleansed”. April 1992, the “cleansing” began, they did this removing all Bosnian Muslims, also referred to as Bosniaks, the Serbians struck the Bosniaks with Yugoslavian military equipment and surrounded the capital cities, Sarajevo (2-3, 1). 1980 was a bad year to live in Yugoslavia
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