Boss Tweed Research Paper

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Boss Tweed “I don’t care who does the electing as long as I get to do the nominating.” Said the oh so famous Boss Tweed. Tweed is known for corrupting most of New York in a short amount of time. Tweed’s power lasted from 1860 to 1876. Tweed will always be a legend for his power over New York city. To this day people still mention him taking a great role during the Gilded Age. People will forever call him Boss Tweed, with the help of the Tweed Ring. To get all this power Tweed had to start somewhere. William M. Tweed was born on April 3, 1823. Some people say his middle name is Marcy but others say it was Magear. It is still a debate today because whenever William was in any type of newspaper it was always “William M. Tweed” and nothing more. As a boy William went to a normal school. Received a normal education, he didn’t get any special training or teaching to become the great politician…show more content…
In 1856 he was elected to New York City’s board of supervisors through most of the 1860s. With this position Tweed begin corrupting the government. In 1860, Tweed opened a law office despite not being a lawyer. All he did was have a friend make him one and then he opened a law firm taking people’s money without legally being a lawyer. In the late 1860s, most of New York’s finances were in Tweed’s hands. Tweed is a legend to this day for the corruption he did at New York City in years just after the Civil War. America was already hurting from all the money they had to use after the war but New York city was about to have a war of their own Tweed Ring running New York City. The members of the “Tweed Ring” were all hand chosen by Tweed himself, Tweed wanted to make sure whoever was part of the government was going to be on his side with whatever choices he made when corrupting the city. The Tweed Ring lasted a while before the public outrage turned against him and he was prosecuted more than
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