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The Historical roots of Bossa Nova Music As Christopher Small, it is true that there is no culture ever disappears but it is transformed over and over again through the new one (Small, On cultures and their fusion 1998). Bossa nova, means ‘new trend’, is a genre of Brazilian music that is transformed by two fusion; samba and strong American jazz influenced (Wikipedia). It was known in 1957 and 1963 especially among young students and musicians who would like to bring a complicated combination of melody to be harmony and be more relaxing rather than using powerful voice and strong meaning. According to Tom Jobim, one of the fathers of bossa nova, said “music is the silence between the notes” (Just landed 2016). The interesting point is ‘where…show more content…
My friend from Brazil, Mimi Rezende, said that music is a part of Brazilian soul, rhythm is in general conversation, and dancing is approached with them since they were born. Though Bossa Nova is not a native music or originated in Brazil purely, but the unification of two types of music; samba and jazz, over one hundred years could create a qualified combination and being identity of Brazilian music. The African origin in the Brazilian is about ten percent of the total population in Brazil (Advameg, Countries and their cultures). The flow of African happened because of the formation of capital for Portuguese colonization in Brazil. The colonization can be traced back to the slave trade era in the mid-1500s (Rodrigues 1965). Brazilian music traditions have been influenced from traditional African instruments, pattern of dancing, rhythm (Rivera 2001).
Samba music, popular around the world, is a direct heir of African music called Afro-Brazilian music (Advameg, Countries and their cultures
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Bossa nova can flow in the American market as an impressive success history (Green 2012). It is a common part of high school jazz. Nevertheless, bossa nova is far from the American tradition but it was introduced to American musicians in 1960s (Bossa Nova 2005). It tends to be the rising of the cool wave from Brazil in the style of cool jazz. It shows how influence for a musical style developed in a peripheral country as Brazil was introduced in a large and central market place as the American (New World Encyclopedia). Bossa nova becomes well-known in worldwide; not only in Brazil and North America. It is because of convenient communication and easier crossing borders among different national people by new technologies (Administrator_v 2006). The transnationalism makes the world be ‘hybridization’ and deterritorialization because places are reproducing and transformation in the appropriate way (Appadurai 1990). In the 21st century, people in the global world tend to appreciate and enjoy the music purely without consciousness of the history and the transnational from the origins of

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