Boston Bombing

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Social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook act as a vehicle for mobilization and change. Activists can garner support from a myriad of sources, many of which can participate nearly anywhere with access to social media. Through hashtags on Twitter, people expressed their opinions regarding Ferguson and brought international spotlight on the case. Furthermore, the use of Twitter during the Boston Bombing itself revolutionized the way news is gathered and processed, as thousands of users on Twitter tweeted about the events in real time. Thus, social media increases political participation and fosters a more interconnected and involved civil society The proliferation of social media has undoubtedly increased people’s activism in national news…show more content…
The bombing marked the first time an event of such large magnitude was covered by social media outlets, completely unparalleled in comparison to the coverage of 9/11. Never before in the history of media had a national security event been covered in real time, with information being fed into news outlets and Twitter at such rapid speed. People could tweet at one another providing live videos of the bombings, photos, and safety updates. During 9/11, however, many people waited anxiously by their TV and the radio for breaking news that took longer time to process and collect. The Boston Bombings, while extremely tragic, helped to strengthen Boston’s civil society. The slogan “Boston Strong” was created following the incident and was intended to strengthen Boston civil society on a local level (Zimmer). Soon, the slogan was popularized via social media and became a source of pride for many people suffering from shock and injuries from the bombings. The community united through Instagram and Twitter posts with the hashtag “Boston Strong.” Thus, when the Boston community was confronted with a terrorist attack, they did not falter in the face of fear but united together behind a common cause. This led to more initiatives being taken to rebuild the affected area, the institution of community outreach programs for the families of victims, and a general campaign of Boston pride that made residents more sensitive and involved in local affairs
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