Boston Marathon Bombers And The Weatherman Underground: A Comparative Analysis

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Both the Boston Marathon Bombers and the Weatherman Underground have similarities and differences. One of the most obvious similarities is that they are both responsible for terrorist acts. Both the Boston Marathon Bombers and the Weatherman Underground have set off bombs in their attacks, and both have killed. While the Weather Underground have now attempted to brush off their bombings as never hurting or killing anyone, their bombings have been tied to the death of at least one police officer. The Weather Underground bombed a police substation in San Francisco where San Francisco Police Sergeant John Young was killed by the blast (). There were also Weather Underground members involved with an armed robbery of an armored truck where three police officers were killed by the Weather Underground(). Also, three members of the Weather Underground, who were killed while attempting to make a bomb ().…show more content…
As we learned in week 1, the Boston Marathon Bombers set of two bombs killing several people and injuring even more. They also killed an MIT Police Officer. Both of the Boston Marathon Bombers had emigrated from Chechnya to the United States. One of the brother’s girlfriends had reported an increased interest in radical Islam, and he took a trip to Russia that concerned the Russian FSB prior to the bombing (DHS, CIA, DOJ, 2014). Chechnya is a country that has become somewhat known for Islamic Terrorism, and it could be speculated that the brother may have taken some interest in terrorism while visiting his
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