Boston Marathon Bombing Analysis

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What was expected to be another exciting day of the well-known Boston Marathon, was quickly exchanged for a nightmare. Something as commemorative and upbeat as the marathon was plagued with a great evil two years ago and the miscreant behind this tragedy has finally was enforced with the death sentence. However recent news reveal that officials are holding another trial for marathon bomber stated in the article “State should close the book on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev” written by fbiabs. In April, the marathon bomber was sentenced to death, but currently state charges against Tsarnaev call for a new trial for the death of MIT police officer, Sean Collier. Many including the author are against reliving this difficult event and believe that another trial…show more content…
At the start of this article, the author began to describe the peaceful day before the bombings at the marathon. It was not shortly after where the author then abruptly transitioned to the bombing itself. A quote that represented this states, “A crisp morning, a day off work, beers and highfives all around...Then comes the second blast.” Because of this sudden change it is very powerful and effective in relaying this tragic event, and I was personally taken back by it. But this shift definitely put into perspective how unexpected this misfortune was. From this specific use of this juxtaposition it simulates fear and sadness as the author quickly reminds the audience of such a shocking day. By reminding the audience of this horrible day it further improves the author’s perspective to not have another trial. Later on the author describes how officials are still pushing to move on with the court process. Following this, the author then incorporates a rhetorical question which states, “Why not in the end, spare our community the burden of reliving the terror of April 15, 2013?” From this quote the author continues to spread his opinion for this court process to be over, as it is hard for many to listen to this tragic event all over again. This use at a rhetorical question is effective in trying to get the reader to think about the matter at hand. It is true that that nobody wants to relive such a
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