Essay On Boston Massacre

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Boston Massacre
Boston Massacre is the famous riot that took place between the British soldiers and American patriots. The trigger point was the levy of taxes on the Americans called patriots in literature with regard to this particular era. The killings were attempted by the British soldiers who were posted in the territory for making sure the implementation of the introduced taxes on general consumption goods like tea, wine, fruits, red and green glass, red and white lead, paste board, papers and painter’s colors. The taxes were imposed under the famous Townshend Acts 1767.
One of its own kinds in history of America, Boston Massacre ended up in killing of five people and a few injured but this end up was just the beginning of
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It looks at the political aspects, the financial problems narrowing down and having effect on the general public’s rights and earnings of bread and butter, the Boston Massacre, how it appeared in the papers has also been discussed. The paper in detail discusses about the location, victims, soldiers and trials of the Massacre. It contains a detailed account of the pre-existing friction between the Americans and the British and the reasons and causes behind it. A few post-Massacre facts and events are also included in the paper and finally a critical analysis having its connection with India has also been…show more content…
People see it far from the problem of taxes and The British concerns, far from the losses of East India Company and losses of the merchants of America. They see it as a matter of Justice and safety. The article reports how the captain and soldiers with the help of the governor kept trying to skip and get rid of the trial. (Zobel).The Massacre did not result in any reduction or removal of taxes but ignited and made both the ends more rigid and ready for war. However as an immediate action and safety of the British soldiers the troops were withdrawn from the
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