History: The Boston Massacre

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1. Boston Massacre a. The Boston Massacre took place on March 5, 1770 in Boston. The Boston Massacre became a historical event because it was the start of a revolution. It all began when the British soldiers came into Boston and fired shots at the colonists for making a crowd and going against the soldiers. The British soldier that was in charge at the time was named Captain Thomas Preston and he and his 8 men were all arrested for the shooting. Before this happened the colonists still had hatred towards the British soldiers for pushing the Townshend Acts towards the colonists. Staff. “Boston Massacre.”, A&E Television Networks, 2009, 2. Christopher Columbus…show more content…
The Great Awakening was an event that took place in the 1730s and it was particularly in New England. It all began with Jonatan Edwards a Yale minister who was not going to switch over to the Church of England. He was concerned that the New Englanders were forgetting about their religious principles and instead were too focused on wealth and ways of income. He started to preach and yell his thought and people came in large groups to listen. The effects of the Great Awakening were important. It prepared America for the War of Independence. It showed that people should not be afraid to shy away from their religious beliefs. If the churches were not living up to expectations or what the people believed in anymore, they can move on and form new religious…show more content…
Life for women in the colonial society was determined by their wealth, religion, and statues. Most of the things were similar for the women, they would have to run the house and or farm, raise the children, and maintain. Woman were married in their early twenties and would have large numbers of children. Around eight children were normal but due to sickness and other things, up to five or so of the children would have been dead before reaching their teens. Men held their normal ego and expectations of themselves but woman were looked at differently, unlike Europe where they were the weaker of the two sex. Woman in colonial America were short in number and therefor highly valued. Living conditions for them were not great as well. There was no heat, no running water, they had no toilets, and lighting was dim. If they wanted to go somewhere it was rough because there were no roads. Living conditions were generally dirty and therefor sickness was a normal thing. The woman did not have many rights as well. They did not have the right to vote, the right to hold a job in a public office, or serve on juries. However, they could make a will, buy or sell property, and they could
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